Our Vision

« RIGAL reveals the nuances in Malbec »


RIGAL was founded in 1755 in Cahors, the original birthplace of the Malbec grape variety. It has built up a unique expertise with this grape variety which it explores in all its nuances in the finest terroirs of Cahors, through its signature RIGAL brand and its prominent partner estates.

From over 250 hectares of vineyards in Cahors, RIGAL produces and markets expressive Cahors wines from both the valley and the plateau, a unique offering crowned by the very fine, elegant wines from Château de Chambert. Based in Cahors, RIGAL has been an important wine company in the Southwest of France. It brings you a comprehensive range of unique and generous wines from this region.


Our expertise

Today a reference for French Malbec, RIGAL creates excellent Cahors wines and vins de pays which pay tribute to this grape variety.   RIGAL has taken its expertise with the Malbec of Cahors, and applied this to other typical and unique grape varieties from the Southwest of France. Its expertise is recognised each year at major French and international wine competitions.






Discover our wines

Combining audacity and accessibility, the RIGAL signature enables wine drinkers to explore the wines from the Southwest of France in a progressive manner: first via its typical varietals that it showcases in a range of unfussy wines presented in modern, attractive packaging.  The mid-market range, featuring wines of character, then invites wine drinkers to explore the variety of the authentic Southwest appellations.  Last but not least, with its Terroirs wines and its Vin Noir (Black Wine), RIGAL re-interprets the Malbec in its land of origin, the Lot department of France.

This innovative and bold approach has enabled it to team up with high-quality partner estates and thereby bring together the flagship appellations from the Southwest of France (Cahors, Madiran, Gaillac, Fronton, Côtes de Gascogne …).

Our History


The RIGAL story started in the heart of the Southwest, when the first few vines were planted in the Cahors vineyard.


RIGAL expanded in 1957 with the acquisition of Château Saint Didier Parnac.


RIGAL was the first merchant recognized as a
négociant producteur (trader-producer) in the Southwest, supplying all the region’s major appellations.


RIGAL became part of the AdVini group and continued its international growth.


Creation of the brand RIGAL.


The Pieron family decided to confer the distribution of its Château de Rouffiac and Château de Bovila wines to RIGAL.



Pursuing its quest for excellence, Maison RIGAL signed a partnership agreement with Château Chambert, one of the top châteaux in the Cahors appellation.